Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NYCC info

Looking forward to seeing everyone at comic con! We have had quite a few questions so we will try to hit them all here...

•  We will take credit cards and cash at NYCC.  We CANNOT accept American Express, sorry, out credit card company just doesnt do it...  (We have nothing against AMEX or their customers:-) Visa, MC and Discover...

• NYC sales tax, we will have to charge sales tax since we are selling in NYC. 

•  Regular versions you can buy multiples of each per transaction in case you are a PB for someone. Whalen variant we ask that you only buy 1 per transaction. Since these are very limited and we have gotten a hundred emails about them we can only allow 1 per transaction.

• We will sell limited numbers of prints each day so be there first or check twitter, we will try to let you know how many are left for the day... 

•  We will be releasing all of these prints in limited numbers online on 10/15. Time will be announced via facebook, twitter and hopefully the mailing list if we can get them all in sync! We will announce the drop time for 10/15 on Sunday...

• Yes the metallics look amazing! When we first saw the whalen variant print, there was silence in the room, it's just that good. We will have one hanging in the Booth, 1681, so stop by and see in person!

• Sorry, no pre-selling, we have had a record number of presell requests, just can't do it. Your offers have been VERY generous so we like the excitement!

• We will be giving away a Whalen variant at the show. You have to stop by and ask how you can win that gem.

• We also may be previewing the next print in the series at the show, so stay tuned.

Sorry this was supposed to post Monday but it's just been too crazy!

Looking forward to meeting you all at the show! Come say hello!

Chris - Owner
Alicia - Director of Operations
Aaron and Joel

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